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Water conditioner to remove chlorine and heavy metals from tap water


  • ASIAE: Water conditioner useful for transforming aggressive tap water into water suitable for fish, plants, invertebrates and corals in the aquarium. Neutralizes chlorine and heavy metals
  • BENEFITS: Neutralizes chlorine, binds toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, copper and zinc. It protects the gills and mucous membranes with natural colloids. The new water introduced into the aquarium treated in this way will not even be harmful to the filtering bacterial flora
  • USE: add to tap water before introducing it into the aquarium. It is preferable to prepare the water for the change a few hours before: put the water from the tap in a suitable container, add the product and, if possible, activate an aerator or a pump to keep the water moving and promote evaporation of chlorine and action of the water conditioner. Necessary to prepare both fresh and sea water
  • DOSAGE: 10 ml for every 40 liters of tap water to be treated
  • AVAILABLE FORMATS: Bottle of 300 / 1.000 ml
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