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BAMBOO ROCK - choice

BAMBOO ROCK - choice


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Rock selected by the best Aquascapers for use in the aquarium.

    • XS < 0,6 Kg
    • SM about 0,6 - 2 Kg
    • MD circa 2 – 3 Kg
    • XL circa 5 Kg
  • Features:

    • Natural rock specifically selected to recreate natural aquariums with "Aquascaping" techniques or "Wild" biotopes
    • Ideal for use in aquarium, paludari, aqua terrarium and terrarium
    • It is essential to wash it under abundant running water before placing it in the aquarium to eliminate dust, earth and other residues
    • LIMESTONE ROCK - can increase the hardness of the water
    • Natural product - each piece is unique and can differ from the others in weight, shape, color and size
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