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Iron and microelements supplement for planted aquariums.

To be used together with FLORA Y.


  • ACTION: provides the correct amount of iron and microelements necessary for the correct growth of plants in the aquarium
  • BENEFITS: healthy aquarium plants, with luxuriant growth, intense coloring and no deficiency. Strengthening plant growth means having cleaner water and therefore fewer problems with algae. Harmless to freshwater shrimps and crustaceans
  • USE: for exclusive use in planted freshwater aquariums. It constitutes the basic fertilization for aquatic plants. On its own it is sufficient to guarantee the correct growth of low and medium requirement plants, in aquariums with standard lighting systems and in the absence of CO2 supply. In the case of aquariums with rich planting and / or particularly demanding plants, strong lighting and CO2 supply, it is recommended to use it in combination with AMTRA FLORA Y. The maximum efficiency of the product is obtained by maintaining water values of 4 in the aquarium ° dkh and 8 ° dgh (obtainable using AMTRA KH + and AMTRA GH + in osmotic water produced by AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM)
  • DOSAGE: weekly 10 ml per 100 liters of fresh water. In the presence of demanding plants, strong lighting and CO2 supply, dose 10 ml per 100 liters of fresh water twice a week
  • AVAILABLE FORMATS: Bottle of 150/300 / 1.000 ml
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