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IMacroelements supplement for planted aquariums

To be used together with FLORA X.


  • ACTION: provides the correct quantity of Macroelements (Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium) necessary for the correct growth of plants in the aquarium
  • BENEFITS: healthy aquarium plants, with luxuriant growth, intense coloring and no deficiency. Strengthening plant growth means having cleaner water and therefore fewer problems with algae. Harmless to freshwater shrimps and crustaceans
  • USE: for exclusive use in well planted freshwater aquariums. Dosage in addition to AMTRA FLORA X in case of aquariums with rich planting and / or particularly demanding plants, strong lighting and CO2 supply. The maximum efficiency of the product is achieved by maintaining water values of 4 ° dkh and 8 ° dgh in the aquarium (obtainable using AMTRA KH + and AMTRA GH + in osmotic water produced by AMTRA OSMOSIS SYSTEM)
  • DOSAGE: 10 ml in 100 liters provide nitrate 5 mg / l Phosphate 0.5 mg / l potassium 3.15 mg / l. Dose in accordance with the needs detected in your aquarium
    • AVAILABLE FORMATS: Bottle of 150/300 ml
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