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Amtra - ALGENKUR 300ml

Amtra - ALGENKUR 300ml


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AMTRA ALGENKUR - Natural control of algae in freshwater aquariums


  • ACTION: gives an amber color to the water capable of modifying the light spectrum of light that penetrates the water column in order to prevent the formation of algae
  • BENEFITS: reduction of algae growth, supply of natural substances useful for the life of freshwater fish and invertebrates. Well tolerated by shrimps and the like
  • COMPOSITION: product of 100% natural origin. Formulated on the basis of organic carbon compounds (DOC)
  • DOSAGE: 10 ml for 50 lt. Repeat the treatment after changing the water or about every 15 days. The brown color is part of the treatment: it disappears after about 1 week
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