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NEWA More aquariums are characterized by a revolutionary patented "filter system" which, in a single element, contains what is necessary for the life of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

DESIGN: the refinement of the lines and the compactness of the dimensions allow NEWA More aquariums to integrate perfectly into any type of furniture, enhancing the splendor of the recreated natural scenery.
EFFECTIVE AIR CONDITIONING: the precise and reliable NEWA Therm eco heater ensures the maintenance of the temperatures necessary to recreate the desired natural habitats.
SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: NEWA More aquariums are equipped with a powerful angular filter with interchangeable cartridges, easy to replace without getting your hands wet. An effective "overflow" system guarantees operational safety even in the case of clogged cartridges.
HIDDEN POWER CABLES: in the deep attention to detail, the Newa More filter provides a system of cable glands and an angle that groups the power cables in an orderly manner.
SAFE AND RELIABLE: made of crystal and sealed with top quality silicone, each bathtub and electrical accessory is checked, tested and manufactured in compliance with the rigorous international safety standards.
LIGHTING: all NEWA More aquariums are equipped with high quality LEDs capable of guaranteeing an extremely effective light supply for a long service life. The brilliance of the white and actinic LEDs ensure a constant growth of the flora and the well-being of the animals housed.
SISTEMA ON/OFF E TIMER TOUCH CONTROL: the lighting system of NEWA More aquariums is controlled by Touch controls to adjust both the sunrise / sunset effect and the light intensity of the LEDs. The integrated timer is easily programmable for maximum customization

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