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Prodibio - START UP BETTA FISH nano- 2fl

Prodibio - START UP BETTA FISH nano- 2fl


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START UP BETTA is an activation kit that allows a quick and safe start
of aquariums and tanks containing Betta.

It summarizes both BETT'ACTIV and AQUA'BACTER vials in a single blister.
These products condition tap water for the life of the Bettas, they provide
the bacteria necessary for the nitrogen cycle and help to break down harmful substances.
They reduce the concentration of ammonia and nitrites harmful to fish and contribute
to the degradation of fish manure in the aquarium.
• Eliminates chlorine and chloramines from tap water, substances that are harmful to fish.
• Provides a natural ammonia binder.
• Protects mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins from external parasitic aggressions.
• Contains nutrients to stimulate the bacteria contained in Aqua's Bacter vials.
• Contains live purifying bacterial strains adapted to water in both tropical aquariums
both of cold water;
• Reduces the harmful concentration of ammonia and nitrites for fish;
• Removes fish manure and uneaten excess food waste
from the fish in the aquarium
Use for new aquariums or for water changes.
For water changes, it is also possible to use the water conditioner individually
Instructions for Use:
Spread the contents of the vials directly into the filter outlet stream or into the tank.

In new aquariums from 0 to 30 liters:
1 fiala Bett’Active +
1 purple AquaBacter
It is recommended to change 10 to 20% of the total aquarium water every week.

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