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Selected Hikari - GOLDFISH STAPLE BABY 100g

Selected Hikari - GOLDFISH STAPLE BABY 100g


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Ideal daily diet for Goldfish and Koi fry, it offers them the basic nutrition they need for a healthy and long life.


  • Did you know that goldfish prefer to eat live plants?

    In nature, Goldfish seek out natural food such as aquatic plants to feed themselves. Hikari Goldfish Staple contains a high amount of plant matter such as Alfalfa grass, black cabbage, Moroheiya offering a formula with natural dyes and flavors.

  • Without the addition of dyes and flavors

    The natural green color comes from high content of plant substances that will not negatively affect the water in your aquarium.

  • A complete and balanced formula, no additional nutrition is needed

    Contains all the vitamins and nutrients your fish needs to live long and healthy. The growth characteristics verified in the laboratory make it an ideal starting diet for most species of goldfish.

  • Best choice for Goldfish or Koi carp fry larger than 3.5cm

    Our floating pellet is easy to administer and allows you to easily control the consumption of your fish, avoiding excessive nutrition and the related water quality and health problems that would arise.

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