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Selected Hikari - MICRO PELLETS 45g - non-polluting

Selected Hikari - MICRO PELLETS 45g - non-polluting


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First complete feed in the world, developed in microgranules with Micro-Coating technology specific for small-mouthed tropical fish, such as Characids and Cyprinids.

Semi-floating food ideal for both surface-feeding fish and other types of fish.

• Selected mix of top-level marine vegetable proteins, ideal for small tropical fish with a large energy requirement.

• Appropriate balance of Krill and Spirulina which helps fish to maintain bright colors all year round.

• The specific coloring of the granules increases underwater visibility, making it more palatable.

Granules made with MICRO-COATING technology: the smallest granules created in the world, which soften quickly, without dissolving, disperse nutrients, cloud and pollute the aquatic environment.

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