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Selected Hikari -WHEAT GERM MINI 500g

Selected Hikari -WHEAT GERM MINI 500g


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Product: Hikari Gold Mini Pellet 500gr - floating pellets for Koi carp and large goldfish


Daily diet that improves the color of your fish. The diet was developed to offer better growth rates, superior shape and excellent natural coloring.


over 30 ° C: administer no more than 2 times a day

15-30 ° C: 2 to 4 times a day

10-15 ° C: once a day

below 10 ° C: stop administration


cereals, fish and fish by-products, vegetables, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetable protein extract, yeasts, algae, minerals


crude protein 43%, oils and fats 6%, crude fiber 2.3%, crude ash 13.4%, phosphorus 1.2%


vit A 14000 IU / kg, vit D3 2800 IU / kg, vit E 290 mg / kg, vit C stabilized 250 mg / kg, cobalt 0.79 mg / kg, manganese 100 mg / kg, iodine 4.9 mg / kg, zinc 19 mg / kg, iron 190 mg / kg

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