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START UP nano 60l - rapid bacterial activator

START UP nano 60l - rapid bacterial activator


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Pack of 2 pieces - up to 60 liters

START UP groups in a single package STOP AMMO START e BIODIGEST START. It allows you to quickly activate the biological filtration of an aquarium and therefore to introduce the first fish in a few hours.

STOP AMMO START is a product based on specific plant extracts, whose main property is to trap nitrogen from ammonia. One of the properties of STOP AMMO START consists in reducing the production of nitrites when starting a new aquarium with a specific and suitable concentration.

BIODIGEST START it is composed of natural nitrifying, denitrifying and optional bacterial strains selected for their ability to rapidly initiate the nitrogen cycle and therefore to transform ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen. These bacteria (50 billion per 1ml row) work as a team: each strain finishes the work started by others.

START UP allows you to quickly introduce 1/3 of your most robust fish into your new aquarium (within 4 hours in fresh water and within 12 hours in salt water

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