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AMTRA EICHEN EXTRAKT - tropicalizing agent for freshwater aquarium waters, lowers the pH of the water


  • ACTION: lowering of the pH value in the aquarium thanks to the action of humic acids, tannins and hydrochloric acid with which the product is formulated
  • BENEFITS: recreates the natural pH conditions of South American biotopes and for fish that live in soft and acidic waters. It brings natural substances and trace elements that give greater vitality to the fish
  • USE: add directly to the aquarium or to the water in preparation for the change. ATTENTION: the product quickly lowers the pH and pH variations can be harmful both to the bacterial flora of the filters and to fish and plants. For this reason it is necessary to monitor the pH trend and, if used directly in the aquarium, divide the dose over several intervals
  • DOSAGE: approx. 10 ml every 200 liters of fresh water (depending on the initial pH). Measure the pH before and during use
  • AVAILABLE FORMATS: Bottle of 300 / 1.000 ml
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