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Amtra - PRO NATURE PLUS 300ml

Amtra - PRO NATURE PLUS 300ml


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AMTRA PRO NATURE PLUS - Natural water treatment for aquariums - 100% natural water conditioner for freshwater aquariums


  • ACTION: 100% natural formulation water conditioner that transforms aggressive tap water into biologically suitable water for use in freshwater aquariums. It favors the conditions suitable for the life of fish. Binds and makes chlorine, heavy metals and toxic substances harmless
  • BENEFITS: protects the mucosa and stimulates the metabolism and the immune system of the fish. Promotes the correct absorption of trace elements by plants and fish. Recreates amber-colored water rich in tannins, typical of the biotopes of origin of tropical fish
  • COMPOSITION: product of 100% natural origin. Formulated on the basis of organic carbon compounds (DOC)
  • DOSAGE: 4ml per 100l of tap water. Shake well before use. Only for freshwater aquariums
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