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Manual siphon for partial water change and cleaning of the aquarium bottom

  • FOR SMALL AND LARGE DIMENSION AQUARIUMS: With GravelCleaner R you can reach the points to be cleaned even in the smallest aquariums. With GravelCleaner E, the bottom of larger aquariums is cleaned effectively and quickly
  • EXTENDABLE BELL: For the most difficult corners, the round bell of the gravel cleaner can be continuously extended (bottom vacuum R)
  • TWO DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES: The triangular accessory is ideal for corners, while the round one is used to quickly and effectively clean larger surfaces
  • WITH PROTECTION GRID: The integrated protection grid prevents the inhabitants of your aquarium from being sucked in and at the same time protects the hose from clogging caused by larger parts of the plants
  • WITH SHUT-OFF VALVE: With the integrated shut-off valve, the water flow can be continuously adjusted and thus the suction power of the bottom suction unit can be flexibly set
  • LONG FLEXIBLE HOSE: The 2.3m long hose provides maximum flexibility for water change
  • SAFE FIXING: With the supplied clip it is possible to fix the end of the hose of the bottom vacuum cleaner to the bucket for the water change so as not to slide it
  • LONGER BELL: Convenient access thanks to the extra long bottom vacuum cleaner (bottom vacuum E)
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