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ZETLIGHT lancia 2 - wifi pro ceiling lights

ZETLIGHT lancia 2 - wifi pro ceiling lights


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Professional LED ceiling light.

Thanks to its characteristics of brightness it offers the maximum result for the growth of plants. Controllable via APP Wifi, offers 4 fully customizable channels in terms of light spectrum.

Its aluminum body is designed to best dissipate the heat generated by its operation and its certification IP67 guarantees a great impermeability which makes it usable even very close to the surface of the water.


  • ZP4000-300P 10W 900LM 30-40cm
  • ZP4000-438P 16W 1300LM 40-55cm
  • ZP4000-590P 24W 1900LM 55-70cm
  • ZP4000-742P 28W 2500LM 70-85cm
  • ZP4000-895P 36W 3200LM 85-100cm
  • ZP4000-1047P 44W 3800LM 100-120cm
  • ZP4000-1200P 48W 4400LM 120-140cm
  • ZP4000-1500P 56W 5200LM 150-170cm
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