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Amtra - ALGENKUR X - 20 ampoules

Amtra - ALGENKUR X - 20 ampoules


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AMTRA ALGENKUR X - natural control of algae in the aquarium, water treatment


  • ACTION: bacteria and enzymes that through a rapid synergistic action naturally enter into food competition with algae and pathogenic bacteria, purifying the water and removing their precious nutrients
  • BENEFITS: the nutrients available in the water are rapidly assimilated, effectively reducing the unpleasant proliferation of algae. It clarifies the water thus increasing the light in favor of the plants. The improved water quality and the synergistic action of these bacteria and enzymes also counteract the development of pathogenic bacteria
  • COMPOSITION: balanced blend of bacteria and enzymes useful for naturally counteracting the onset of algae in aquariums and ornamental ponds
  • DOSAGE: 1ml fresh and sea water every 50lt per week for the first 12 weeks after setting up a new aquarium to counteract the onset of unpleasant algae in the biological maturation phase of the tank. The dosage can be increased if necessary up to 1ml every 20lt. In aquariums already started in which you have algae problems: fresh and marine water 1ml every 10l per week for the first 4 weeks and then 1ml every 20l until the result is achieved. Avoid overdose. Shake well before use. It is recommended to store at low temperatures (refrigerator) once the vial has been opened
  • AVAILABLE FORMATS: pack of 10 or 20 vials of 5 ml each.
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