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Amtra - NITRAT REDUCT 250ml

Amtra - NITRAT REDUCT 250ml


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AMTRA NITRAT-REDUCT - synthetic resin for the reduction of Nitrate (NO3) in fresh water


  • ACTION: lowering the Nitrate (NO3) value in freshwater aquariums
  • BENEFITS: effectively counteracts the growth of algae by eliminating the accumulation of Nitrate (NO3) from the water. Values above 50 mg / l of Nitrate (NO3) are not recommended
  • USE: directly in the aquarium if an excessive concentration of Nitrate (NO3) is detected in order to prevent or reduce uncontrolled and unwelcome algal proliferation. Rinse thoroughly before use under running tap water
  • DOSAGE: 250ml to treat 250 liters and 500ml to treat 500 liters of fresh water. Insert inside a filter or directly in the aquarium in an area with strong water current when high Nitrate (NO3) values are detected. Replace when the measurement of NO3 indicates their rise again (approximately every 3-4 months)
  • AVAILABLE FORMATS: 250 ml pack - 2 x 125 ml nets each

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