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Amtra - XUPRA2 450gr hyperactive carbon

Amtra - XUPRA2 450gr hyperactive carbon


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MTRA XUPRA2 - Hyperactive carbon of vegetable origin for aquariums, crystalline water, prevents odors


  • ACTION: removes from the water making it crystalline and free of residual odors of medicines after treatment, harmful substances, organic pollutants, pesticides, dyes, chlorine, ozone and many heavy metals
  • BENEFITS: crystal clear and pure water, suitable for the growth of corals and the well-being of fish and invertebrates
  • COMPOSITION: hyperactive carbon of vegetable origin of the highest degree of purity. Free of metals and organic pollutants
  • DOSAGE: 450 g to treat 400 liters of fresh or sea water. Insert inside a filter or directly in the aquarium in an area with strong water current. Replace approximately every 3-4 weeks or if necessary
  • AVAILABLE FORMATS: Pack of 450 gr - 3 X nets of 150 gr each

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