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AQUA SHRIMP POWDER 3 Kg - soil completo aquascaping + Bacterkit 6 ampolle free

AQUA SHRIMP POWDER 3 Kg - soil completo aquascaping + Bacterkit 6 ampolle free


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1 pack - for aquariums from 0 to 20 liters

Its balanced formula allows plants to grow healthily and develop strong roots. AQUASHRIMP POWDER is ideal for shrimp and young shrimp. It is ready for use and does not require rinsing. The physical properties of AQUASHRIMP POWDER are due to a high temperature treatment (about 1,200 ° C / 2192 ° F), which makes it free from parasitic species that could contaminate the aquarium. The floury texture of AQUASHRIMP SOIL is thin enough to prevent shrimp eggs from falling into the soil and, at the same time, allows plants to grow adequate and sufficiently porous roots so that nitrifying bacteria can colonize the shrimp properly. substrate and improve water quality.


AQUASHRIMP POWDER is ready for use. No rinsing is necessary. A 3 liter / 3Kg pack is sufficient for a 20 liter aquarium. This will allow for a soil thickness of approximately 5 cm. The use of 150 g of soil for each liter will guarantee the aquarium the necessary amount of soil. The floury texture of AQUASHRIMP POWDER will allow the shrimp to spawn and keep them on the substrate surface, preventing them from being trapped in the soil.

1.a) Pour approximately 1 cm (0.4 inch) of dechlorinated water into the aquarium

b). Optional: If using Prodibio's BACTERKIT SOIL Substrate Additive, mix it into the water.

2.a) If the aquarium is not planted or is only partially planted, add the required quantity of AQUASHRIMP POWDER directly. In this phase, AQUASHRIMP POWDER will absorb all the water.

b). Optional: if, on the other hand, the aquarium will host many plants, first add a layer of AQUAGROWTH SOIL following the instructions. AQUAGROWTH SOIL is composed of granules that are better adapted to the fixing and development of the roots of plants. On the AQUAGROWTH SOIL layer, add about 2-3 cm of AQUASHRIMP POWDER to cover the AQUAGROWTH SOIL layer. This will prevent shrimp eggs and young shrimp from getting trapped in the soil, helping them stay on the surface of AQUASHRIMP POWDER. In this phase, the soil will absorb all the water.

3. Add the main decorative elements (stones, aquatic plants, etc.…) and install the desired layout.

4.a). Add more water slowly to avoid making holes in the substrate and breaking the aquarium design until the soil surface is covered with water.

b). Optional: In case of a planted aquarium, add plants and continue installing the aquarium decoration until the desired result is achieved.

5. Gently fill the aquarium with more dechlorinated water. If floating debris is observed, remove them. The water may go numb once the aquarium is filled. This effect will naturally disappear after a few hours, especially when the filtration system is activated. If the water remains cloudy, drain some of the water and fill the aquarium with clean dechlorinated water. Yes, the opacity persists, vidanger une partie de l'eau de l'aquarium et le remplir de nouveau avec de l'eau déchlorée.

6. Start the aquarium and carefully introduce the fish and shrimp after using the Prodibio range of water treatments for freshwater aquariums. CHLORAL RESET removes chlorine and chloramine from the water; START UP activates the nitrogen cycle before introducing the fish and shrimps; regular addition of BIOCLEAN FRESH maintains the quality of the water; BIOVERT fertilizes plants (safe for shrimps) and BIOKIT FRESH combines BIOCLEAN FRESH and BIOVERT in a single package

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