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  • FORMAT 10 VIALS of 5ml each

    AMTRA PROCLEAN X - bacterial activator for fresh and marine water aquarium filters, activator of the nitrogen cycle


    • ACTION: Essential for starting and maintaining the aquarium filters. Solution to start and promote the complete ammonia nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. It acts quickly thanks to the strong presence of nitrifying bacterial strains
    • BENEFITS: establishment of the filtering bacterial mass that allows the conversion of nitrogen from ammonia and nitrite (highly toxic) to nitrate. Supply of facultative anaerobic microorganisms that complete the nitrogen cycle by transforming Nitrate (NO3) into molecular Nitrogen (N2) thus reducing the onset of algae. The improved water quality and the synergistic action of these bacteria and enzymes also counteract the development of pathogenic bacteria
    • COMPOSITION: special balanced blend of bacteria (Nitrosomonas spp., Nitrobacter spp. And Bacillus spp. Facultative anaerobes) and enzymes
    • DOSAGE: fresh water (with marine double the doses) 1ml every 20lt per week for the first 4 weeks after setting up a new aquarium. The dosage can be increased if necessary up to 1ml every 10lt. In aquariums already started weekly and after the water change: fresh and sea water 1ml every 100lt. Avoid overdose. Shake well before use. It is recommended to store at low temperatures (refrigerator) once the vial has been opened

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