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Flake food for freshwater and marine aquarium fish.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: jar 100 ml (50 gr)

Transparent fragrance-saving seal, screw cap for easy and safe opening and closing


  • TYPE: complete food formulated by mixing 5 different types of flakes in a balanced way. Enriched with garlic, shrimp, Spirulina, Minerals and Amino Acids
  • COMPOSITION: fish meal, wheat, brewer's yeast, salmon oil, carob flour, shrimp flour, garlic, sugar, paprika, Spirulina algae
  • ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Crude proteins 47.5%, Fats 7%, Crude fibers 2%, Ash 7%, Humidity 8%
  • IDEAL FOR: basic feeding of all tropical freshwater or seawater fish. Particularly suitable for medium or small fish that feed from the surface of the water
  • PROFESSIONAL line for feeding fish ACCORDING TO NATURE. Recipes based on thirty years of experience from leading producers of live and frozen foods, the best food source for fish
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